Lithium battery charger 30V 60A Single Phase For electric pallet Forklift

Product Introduction:

CZC7P series lithium battery charer uses the structure of high frequency charger, upper computer, CAN BUS, Lithium battery BMS, the upper computer connects the lithium battery and cell power supply module by CAN bus, and monitors the charging state at real time, controls the charging process of the cell power supply module. At the same time, by the interface of RS485, control the output current of each cell charging module, receive the process data from charging module and control the charging process. The upper displays and records the dates of charger and battery at the same time.

Main performance:

1, Using IUa constant current, constant voltage charging method. The charging process parameters can be set and adjusted on the scene.
2, The whole charging time, constant voltage time and constant voltage current at the charging end will all be considered to judge the battery is charged or not.
3, Display the charging dates such as battery voltage, charging current, volume, time and so on at the real-time, its convenience for users to realize the charging state.
4, The cell charging power supply module is combined with high frequency technology and embedded microcomputer control technology, it has the protect functions such as open circuit, over current, overheating protection, the cell module will be quit from the system when encounters a failure.
5, The whole charger has software and hardware over voltage protection, has over current protection, has auto-testing, delayed start, soft start, auto shut down after be charged.
6, Self start function after power off.