Automatic High frequency charger 24V 20A Single Phase For electric pallet mover

CZC7 automatic charger: It is the ideal charging equipment for electric pallet, electric mover, electric lift, electric tour car and various kinds of small size electric power driven vehicles.

Technical Feature:

1.Electric quantity controlling, timing controlling to ensure battery complete charging, auto-shut down after charging complete, no over-charging, no under-charging.
2.High brightness LEDs indicating charger’s running state.
3.Adopting IWUIa multi-stage charging style(this charging style is applied for the general lead-acid batter charging);
4.Adopting IWUUa multi-stage charging style(this charging style is applied for the free maintenance lead-acid battery charging);
5.Nixie tubes indicating battery voltage, charging current, capacity, time etc.
6.With auto-checking, time-delay start, soft-start functions.
7.With the temperature compensation function for constant voltage point, floating charging point.
8.With keeping charging function.
9.Balanced charging to ensure the consistency of battery cell capacity.
10. Automatic initial charging function(Only the general lead-acid batter charging)
11. With the protection of open circuit, oer load, short circuit and over temperature.
12. With the function of inofrmation enquiring, to enquire past 20 times charging record.
13. Memory during power interruption and self starting again.